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 Microsoft®  Retail Management System (RMS) - A Bike Retail Management System that makes dollars and sense. Affordable Point-of-Sale (POS) management software ideal for bike dealers!
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Microsoft® Retail Management System (RMS)

A Bike Retail Management System that makes dollars and sense. Affordable Point-of-Sale (POS) management software ideal for bike dealers!
Price:   $1,290.00
Introducing a smarter way to save money. Get more cash-in per customer. Reduce inventory costs and out-of-stocks. Plus, lower labor and employee management costs. Microsoft Retail Management System is easy to set up, integrates with Microsoft Office, and will grow with you. So you can concentrate on delivering superior customer service. Streamline your business operations and customer contact?and sales?with this very affordable, point-of-sale integrated store management tool! Retail Management System Store Operations allows you to better track and expedite point-of-sale and business processes: ? Streamline business operations, including inventory, supplier management, and point-of-sale processes ? Make informed decisions with accurate data and powerful reporting tools ? Market, promote, and sell across multiple channels ? Expand easily to multi-store operations and e-commerce ? Reduce point-of-sale system and operating costs With Retail Management System, you can: ? Keep track of all your product inventory, even bikes in for service or back orders ? Know how much of any product, bicycle, accessory, apparel item or other item you have in stock...at a glance ? Easily ?transfer in? new inventory to the database ? Establish minimum stock/reorder levels that let you know when to reorder ? Track sales by department, category, brand, model, sales rep, date range, customer or advertising method ? Easily download data to your accounting program ? Manage one store or multiple stores at the same time?all from one location ? Automatically issue purchase orders, track due dates, and easily ?receive? merchandise when it arrives ? Create work orders to take in bike repairs or tune-ups, estimate costs, and add them temporarily to ?offline? inventory ? Easily enter ?matrix? items like helmets, jerseys, and gloves as one item with color, size, and other variables ? Create and manage a customer database with buying history, cycling preferences, personal info like birth dates, emailing/mailing list recipients or any other customer data ? Easily download customer lists and info from your current system or other sources ? Add messages and video viewable at the cash register ? Change prices and descriptions easily and put merchandise on sale for defined periods ? Easily track customer returns?and store returns to suppliers ? Create estimates, then convert them to sales transactions when payment is made ? Integrate store management with website/internet sales ? Set up a supplier or wholesaler database for items you order and sell ? Easily ?close? out cash registers regularly and import sales info/updates into store database ? Set up security restrictions to enable a variety of access levels ? Encourage layaways and easily track payments until paid in full ? Issue coupons, track them, and redeem them easily at the POS cash register ? Track shortages in inventory ordered until complete order is filled ? Track commission and progress of in-store, outside and web sales reps ? Bring up customer history and info right at the cash register ? And hundreds more capabilities...the PERFECT bike software for your bike store!

For further details on MRMS bicycle software, questions, or a FREE EVALUATION CD, please contact Herb Wetenkamp at (949) 462-0224 or email him at herb@infonetpublishing.com

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