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The Tandem Book - by Angel Rodriguez and Carla Black
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The Tandem Book

by Angel Rodriguez and Carla Black
Price:   $16.95
The complete guide to buying, riding and enjoying bicycles built for two A new, complete guide to buying and riding a tandem bicycle, The Tandem Book ($14.95), written by tandem experts Angel Rodriguez and Carla Black, covers all aspects of riding a tandem, including detailed chapters on buying a tandem, maintenance and repair, tandem etiquette, selecting a "stoker," family riding, tandem racing and competition, stocking supplies for a trip, various styles and components available, traveling with a tandem and even a history of tandems. The illustrated book also contains a list of tandem suppliers, retailers and clubs. The 180-page The Tandem Book (ISBN: 0-924272-03-1) is designed to introduce new riders to the sport of tandem riding, as well as to discuss topics of interest to veteran tandem riders. And, we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you don?t get at least one helpful idea from this book, simply return it and we?ll refund your book purchase price?no questions asked!

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