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Principles of Bicycle Retailing III (3rd Edition)  - by Randy W. Kirk
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Principles of Bicycle Retailing III (3rd Edition)

by Randy W. Kirk
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Featuring 12 chapters on all aspects of bicycle retailing, this manual by Randy W. Kirk contains the latest information and expands on the sales, marketing, and bike shop business advice contained in his previous two popular bike retailer books. Now regarded as THE ultimate resource on bicycle retailing, Principles of Bicycle Retailing III (ISBN No. 0-924272-05-8) thoroughly discusses the importance of profitability in the bike store. Detailed samples of Income and Expense statements, Profit and Loss charts, Cash Flow Analysis, Sales Goal charts, customer sales letters and newsletters provide invaluable resources to use in starting or running a successful bike business. Included in this 207-page bike retail book ($19.95, illustrated) are chapters on computers, proven sales techniques, business planning, marketing, purchasing, and a sample employee manual. This third edition is the companion manual to the original Principles of Bicycle Retailing II, as well as it's other companion book, Bicycle Retailers Guide to Getting Rich in the Recession. And, we offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE! If you don’t get at least one good idea from this book, simply return it and we’ll refund your book purchase price…no questions asked!

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