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Info Net Publishing Company Policy
We offer a MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all purchases of books, videos, CDs and other products! If you aren't satisfied with your purchase, for whatever reason, simply return the items ordered and we?ll refund your purchase price?no questions asked! (Unfortunately, we cannot return shipping/handling costs).

Please report any damaged or unsatisfactory merchandise received, and we can arrange to replace it, if desired.

Please allow up to 2 weeks for delivery for merchandise ordered. All shipments are by UPS Ground Rate, unless otherwise requested. For additional information, contact Herb Wetenkamp at (949) 458-9292 or email him at herb@infonetpublishing.com.

For services ordered, please allow up to 48 hours for initial response.

All email or phone inquiries will be answered promptly, usually within 48 hours. On occasion, all Info Net Publishing staff might be unavailable, due to participation in a trade or business event or expo; however, response time in this event should not be more than within six days.

If you haven't received a response to your email within 48 hours, please feel free to call and leave a message at (949) 458-9292. Telephone messages are checked at least daily.

Info Net Publishing also sells its books, products and services through authorized retailers and distributors. If you purchase an Info Net Publishing product from one of our authorized retailers or distributors, and encounter a problem with it, or receive defective merchandise that the retailer or distributor will not replace, please contact us and we will be glad to investigate the matter for you, and/or replace the defective merchandise, and/or refund your purchase price for the merchandise, depending on the circumstances. To our knowledge, all retailers and distributors of our products and services are authorized, so you should be able to receive immediate satisfaction for any products or services you ordered that are unsatisfactory.

Info Net Publishing serves as a reseller and/or distributor for products and services not printed/manufactured/originating with our company. Any product or service sold through Info Net Publishing, that is not an original product or service from Info Net Publishing, has a limited guarantee, but we will attempt to secure a maximum refund for any unsatisfied customers, depending on the nature of the product or service, amount of use already enjoyed, and/or other circumstances. Our general policy is to resell or distribute only those products and services that offer generous refund quarantees, so in most cases, our customers will be granted the most reasonable refund possible, in the interest of protecting our reputation of standing by the products and services we offer.

Additional contact information:

Herb Wetenkamp
Info Net Publishing
21142 Canada Rd. Unit 1-C
Lake Forest CA 92630
Phone: (949) 458-9292
Fax: (949) 462-9595
Email: herb@infonetpublishing.com
Website: http://www.infonetpublishing.com

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